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BGREEN U Fit- Whole Body Vertical Vibration (R1)
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BGREEN uFit- Whole Body Vertical Vibration (R1)

What are the Health Benefits of WBVV Therapy?

WBVV works in the body by generating a force against gravity. Applying this mechanical force consistently yields a vertical reaction force that stimulates the whole musculo-skeletal nervous system. (This is why if the vibration is too strong or irregular, it can do harm to the body.) Whole Body Harmonic Vertical Vibration is a rapid and small amplitude vibration (1-10mm, at 1g intensity). The intensity and direction should be controlled in order to be of health benefit.

The principle behind WBVV is tonic vibration reflex, a muscular contraction and reaction to the vibration that stimulates and affects hormone secretion in the body. Scientists have noticed hormonal responses after WBHVV, such as Adiponectin, Osteocalcin, transforming growth factor-beta 1, nitric oxide, tPA and PAl-1. Other noted effects:

Increases muscle balance and coordination
Less severe back pain and joint pain
Increases metabolism
Reduce stress levels
Improves circulation
Increases muscle mass
Improves cardiovascular function
Decreases body fat
Lowers blood sugar
Helps stroke rehabilitation
Improves fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
Improves chronic constipation
Helps in athlete training
Helps in rehabilitating patients with Parkinsons, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and those who have had a stroke (please consult a doctor first.)

Initial research findings show support for use in the treatment of certain conditions. As based on recent studies, athletes and those with Parkinsons disease may benefit from added vibration therapy to their training or treatment programs, respectively. Populations that may benefit include elderly who may be unable to exercise regularly and those with muscle weakness or Parkinsons disease.

Those who may not be candidates for vibration massage therapy include individuals who are pregnant, have a history of heart disease or serious diabetes or are currently taking blood thinning medications. You may seek for medical professionals advice prior taking up treatment. Vibration therapy can be a powerful treatment to reduce pain and improve muscle and bone health without medication.

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