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Dynamic Nutrition Snowyskn Plus Radiant and White 5g x 20 sachets
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Brand Dynamic Nutrition
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Mixed berries juice powder (blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, elderberry), acerola berry extract, Viqua® pomegranate extract, *OPITAC™ torula yeast extract, grape seed extract, stevia.

*OPITAC™ torula yeast extract provides 125mg of Glutathione per serving.

Each box contains 5g x 20 sachets.

Serving suggestion:

Empty one sachet into a glass of water (150ml).
Recommended 1-2 sachets daily consumption.


Advantages of SnowySkn™ Plus

  • Increase skin hydration and moisturization

  • Lighten dark spots and blemishes

  • Brighten skin complexion

  • Soothe inflammation

  • Boost collagen production

  • Smooth wrinkles

  • Promotes heart health

  • Improve blood microcirculation


Viqua® Pomegranate Extract

Unlike any other fruit, pomegranates contain exceptionally high levels of wholefood antioxidants. Punicalagins are extremely potent antioxidants found in pomegranates. Viqua Pomegranate Extract is a perfect blend of beauty-enhancing substances – including Vitamins B1, B2, C and Niacin, minerals, Aspartic Acid and a wide range of Polyphenols. The secret to Viqua’s efficacy lies in its patented ADS® nano-technology delivery system. This system allows for mitochondrial-level cell penetration and so most effectively protect and repair the skin. Viqua is a clinically-tested whitening and anti-ageing solution. Viqua’s effectiveness in oral form has been thoroughly tested in a double-blind clinical trial. 30 volunteers aged between 30 and 55 took Viqua over 4 weeks, and each reported noticeable benefits to the skin.

  • Improves skin hydration +40%

  • Skin roughness decreased by -31%

  • Smoothness increased by 27%

  • Whitening of skin tone and reduction of dark spots

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • Skin roughness decreased by -31%


OPITAC™ Torula Yeast Extract

OPITAC™ Torula Yeast Extract consists of 98% glutathione – a tripeptide formed from glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine, and naturally produced by the body. OPITAC™ is the world’s only glutathione that has been notified to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as GRAS (the indication of safety as a food ingredient).

OPITAC™ is derived from torula yeast (candida utilis) as a product of its natural fermentation process and it is also approved by the U.S. FDA as edible yeast.


OPITAC™ – Beauty From Within

OPITAC™ high concentration of glutathione is clinically proven to make skin brighter, lighter, and generally improve its appearance. OPITAC™ inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, in turn, suppressing the development of eumelanin. At the same time, it disrupts the synthesis pathway of pheomelanin. This enhances protection against UV damage provided by topical skin care products (supplements and cosmetics) and reduces the appearance of dark areas.

OPITAC™ makes skin appear healthier & suppler, by accelerating the production of type I collagen. Unlike other, topical treatments, the mechanisms of those with OPITAC™ work at the molecular level, neutralizing free radicals in the system, scavenging heavy metals, and defending against environmental pollution.



Acerola Berry Extract

Acerola berry extract is derived from the fruit of the West Indies or Barbados cherry variety which grows from a small tree or shrub. It is a potent source of antioxidants and hydrating polysaccharides, some of which have been shown to protect fibroblasts in skin from suffering oxidative damage, which in turn leads to younger-looking skin.

Acerola is a rich source of natural Vitamin C. Unlike synthetic ascorbic acid, natural vitamin C is a complex of several naturally occurring elements synergistically present and bonded to provide the complete beneficial effects of vitamin C.

Complete vitamin C is composed of many co-factors such as bioflavonoids, rutin, Factor J, Factor K, Factor P, Tyrosinase, Ascorbinogen, Ascorbic acid and other components. Each of these is vital to the complete biological activity that enables vitamin C to function fully.


Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract contains proanthocyanidins and resveratrol, as well as other powerful antioxidants. It contains 20 times the antioxidant power of vitamin E and 50 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C.

Grape seed extract may protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation (Sun) damage which can range from wrinkles to pigment changes and skin cancer. The antioxidants found in grape seed extract help your skin fight free radicals and protect the skin from its harmful effects.

Grape seed extract increases cell turnover and collagen synthesis which helps your skin stay elastic and stay healthy. It also makes your skin softer and more elastic. It improves your skin’s moisture, softness and elasticity by helping vitamin C and vitamin E in the skin to be more effective and efficient at preserving your skin.


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Dynamic Nutrition Snowyskn Plus Radiant and White 5g x 20 sachets

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