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Pierre Zero Rose 750ml
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Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm
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  • 3 to 6 times less calories than a regular wine
  • A festive drink for the workplace
  • A wine without alcohol, a valuable ally for the elderly
  • The richness of wine and the ‘French Paradox’
  • The good friend of sports lovers
  • The objective: dealcoholization and preservation of aromas
  • A HALAL certified range of non-alcoholic wines
  • Pregnancy : restriction is good with Pierre Zéro !
  • Pierre Zéro, not for adults only !

A unique production process for a 0,0% alcohol wine

Pierre 0% is a range of dealcoholized wines made using complex, traditional methods.

It is produced using ancestral wine production techniques and made from carefully grown grapes in the vineyards of the South of France. The grape varieties are then selected according to their aromatic properties and harvested during the night in order to conserve their freshness and aromatic intensity.

The grapes are then pressed in order to be conserved, some in the form of fresh grape juice and some in the form of fermented grape juice. The alcoholic fermentation enables Pierre 0% to retain all of the beneficial elements such as polyphenols, tannins, resveratrol, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and antioxidants.

The dealcoholization process takes place once the wine has been produced. In order to retain all of the characteristic flavours and aromas of a great wine, Pierre Zéro follows a strict dealcoholization protocol referred to as Spinning Cone Column.

This is the most efficient method for collecting and preserving the volatile components (aromas) in a wine at low temperatures. The method is based on distillation and heat processes and enables the production of an alcohol free beverage without the loss of aromatic intensity. It is also the only method that allows the resulting degree of alcohol to fall lower that the 0.3% mark to reach 0.0%.

The quest for a completely zero percent wine was the deciding factor in the choice of method used.

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Pierre Zero Rose 750ml

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